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Fun for kids! Lots of things to learn and do!

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Welcome to

Connecticut Apples

There is no better time of the year than Autumn in

New England,

and no better way to spend

it than in one of

Connecticut's many

Apple Orchards.


Picking of the more than 60

varieties grown in Connecticut

is fun for the whole family...

and remember, a freshly

picked apple always tastes just

bit crispier and crunchier!


CT Apples Logo

The Connecticut 

Apple Marketing Board

CT Apples yellow apple
CT Apples green apple
CT Apples red apples


Get great ideas, recipes and family activities on our *NEW* FOR KIDS page!


CT apples character
CT apples chjaracter
CT Apples at Drazen Orchards
CT Apples welcomes fall


Apple season

has begun!


Early apples like 

Ginger Gold, Jersey Mac, Paula Red and Zestar! are ripening now!


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take on the road

with you.


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Find an orchard by location, keep posted on events and receive notices of specials!


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Check out the video "How Does It Grow" Featuring Connecticut's own Lyman Orchards
Schools! Scouts, PTO's and other organizations!

Are you making plans for fundraisers this year?

Make a healthy choice!

Apples are the perfect Fall Fundraiser,

as well as Apple Cider.

Don't limit your plans to Fall! 

Many of our orchards have large

storage facilities and you can plan on

fundraisers into the late Winter and

early Spring with the proper planning.

Contact one of your local orchards

soon for more ideas.

Look for forms and more ideas at and CT Dept. of Agriculture

and UCONN Extension Put Local on your Tray

I help your

kids eat 


" Farmer Eric" Eric Henry,

Blue Hills Orchard,

Wallingford, CT

Celebrate Farm to School month with us this October! 

Apple Challenge Toolbox

Take the #CTAppleChallenge to celebrate #CTGrown, and spread awareness about the importance of food education. There are 3 ways to participate:

1) Eat a #CTGrown apple down to its core!

2) Try 2 different types of #CTGrown apple, or

3) Visit a local apple orchard.

Learn more here...

apple challenge



Many Orchards Also Offer Family Activities


September 14, 2017


After drought and an ill-timed spring frost produced a disappointing apple harvest statewide in Connecticut last year, growers say the 2017 crop has rebounded strongly and could reach record numbers.


“Last year's crop was very short, but this year all varieties are available,” said Brian Kelliher, who runs Easy Pickin’s Orchards in Enfield and is President of the Connecticut Apple Marketing Board. “We had good pollinating weather and ample rains early on, and the cool nights and sunny days recently are making for great color, quality and flavor.” more here

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