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Connecticut Apple Marketing Board

Specialty Crop Block Grant Recap 2016

Funding has been provided by the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program of the Agricultural Marketing Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture, awarded and administered by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture.

2015 SNACT Trade Show
Yearly recaps

Coming soon: 2016 Recap


final report

CT Dept of Ag

CT Dept of Agriculture Agricultural Reports.

Click on each image for a PDF of the report

Industry Partners
Industry Partners

Collaborating with Industry Partners strengthened our mission, exposure and reach. Click on any image fo links to materials and websites.

Tuesday Tidbits: CT Dept of Education, Nutrition Services

Start with Half a Cup: website links

Tuesday Tidbits

Food Corps Connecticut

Put Local On Your Tray: Uconn Extension

CT Apples Facebook
CT Apples Pinterest
CT Apples Twitter
Social Media Efforts

Social media was one of our strongest efforts. Click HERE for itemized reporting

and HERE for yearly reports

Social Media

Pinterest 2016/ 2014-2016 Impressions and views

Facebook 2016: Reach and Reactions

CT Apples Mobile APP
Mobile App
Childrens Marketing and Presentations

Children were a huge focus of the SCBG and campaign. A children's brochure was in high demand and reprinted each year. Photoboard "Sam the Scarecrow" went on tour  to many orchards and engaged families and customers to have pictures taken to share on social media, with huge success. We partnered with "Ag in the Classroom" and created the artwork for a set of six sequence cards " How Do Apples Grow" to accompany The Apple Riddle Book, read by 40 volunteers in public schools. (see: Tuesday Tidbits)


A 24 page PowerPoint "How Do Apples Grow" was made available online for schools, daycares, home-schoolers, other organizations and the general public via our website.

The inside of the children's brochure proved popular, and an 11 x 17  "How Does an Apple Grow" poster was printed and distributed to schools via the Food Service Directors via the CT Department of Education and Food Corp.

Additional school presentations were done with the assistance of story-teller and instructor Carolyn Stearns, who incorporated stories, interactive games and surveys and distribution of brochures, posters and flash drives with information and media to six grammar and middle schools.

Our Orchard Passport program and supplying materials can be found on our Marketing Materials Page . Brochures, PowerPoints, and downloadable activities and video were made available on our Kid's Resource Page and a Teachers Resource Page was promoted through social media, collaboration with the CT Department of Education and made available to all of our Industry Partners via email notification or supplied with flash drives.

How do apples grow
Childrens Marketing
Website traffic
Website Traffic

Website: Aug 2015-Sept 2016:  8,807 Sessions / 7,481 Users / 15,541 Pageviews / 1.75 pages per session /1:04 Session Duration / 67.23 % Bounce Rate 84.85% New Sessions



QR Codes

Row Signs and Point- of-Purchase signs were designed to educate the customer on varieties of apples and redirect them back to the website for additional information. Signs were also made available for download on the Growers Resource Page and the Teachers Resource Page, along with being promoted on Social Media to encourage education.

QR Codes

Getting the word out to the public, industry partners and peers!


"AG DAY" at the CT State Capitol Legislators, students and general public.

Pomological Society 

"Twilight Meetings"

"The Big E" Eastern States Exposition

Annual Pomological Society Meetings

School Nutrition Association of CT Annual Trade Show

Farmers Market Tastings

Meeting customers in the orchards


Used for presentations on Ipad, laptop, monitor  and projector

Supporting Documents : SCBG

Supporting Documents
Social Media

Facebook Results

CAMB 2016.xlsx

audience-ctapples-demographics-all-2016-11-07 Pinterest.xlsx

audience-ctapples-demographics-all-2016-11-07 ALL 3 years Pinterest.xlsx

Google Analytics All Web Site Data Devices 20160801-20160929 CT Apples Aug-Sept 2016.xlsx

Analytics All Web Site Data Users Flow 20160801-20160929.pdf

Google Analytics All Web Site Data Audience Overview 20150801-20160929 Aug15-Sept2016.xlsx

CT Apples Facebook
CT Apples Pinterest
CT Apples Pinterest
Annual Meetings

Annual Meeting 2014

Annual Meeting 2015

Agricultural Reports
Mobile App

Mobile APP stats

Tuesday Tidbits

Letter for Teachers, Food Service Directors, Daycares, Organizations, etc

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